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In most cases, yes. There is a chance that they could possibly be Chinese-Japanese or Korean-Japanese but only because they're asian mixed.

...but an American? German? French? Italian? That could be more difficult.

Difficult, yes. But impossible? Nope. If you can think of a way that your character, being something that isn't Japanese, has gotten into this class on an exchange of some sort, go ahead! But you have to convince us. But, hey, don't let this intimidate you!

    EXCHANGE STUDENTS (what an unlucky time for them to arrive)

Just keep in mind that it's probably not an easy route for them. They probably weren't allowed to bring any personal belongings (music, books, picture albums) with them. They most likely had to sign a contract stating that they would following all the rules and regulations just like any other citizen.


Students who are not Japanese and are also not exchange students could have come here for the following reasons:

Their parents have tie-ins with the government and they decided to move to the Republic of Greater East Asia.

They decided that maybe The Republic of Greater East Asia would be better for them, after lots of paper work and a year or two of wait for all of the like to be processed, they moved there.

Some of the students might have come here for some kind of vacation when they were young but something happened to their parents and they ended up in the orphanage.

Maybe your character is part Japanese and part something else. This would mean that one of their parents is from the Republic and after one of their parents died, they had to come here to live with them.

Make sure to specify their nationality, method of arrival and a little bit as to why they are there. You don't need to use one of the reasons that we thought of, you can be as creative as you want! As long as you can convince us.

You can ask us questions in the Questions and Answers post regarding this if you've got any other questions!
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