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 This post gives only an overview of the plot. It gives no spoilers to the novel/manga/movies. Thus! No need to worry in case you don't want to be spoiled.


Has two settings that will go on at once. One is at the high school where students are randomly selected to play in the game, and the other is in the game. After you've applied and stated whether you'd like to go or stay, we'll take that into consideration. However, your character may be placed wherever numbers are needed.

It's also probably important to note that after a game is completed (meaning someone wins), it will restart. That means, you can apply for the same character, a different character, we don't care much.


Battle Royale takes place in an alternate universe timeline -- Japan is a police state known as the Republic of Greater East Asia

Under the guise of a 'study trip', a group of students from a high school, are gassed on a bus. They awaken in a school on an isolated, evacuated island wearing metal collars around their necks.

After being briefed about the Program and told that they have to kill each other and the like, the students are issued survival packs (along with a random weapon or tool) and sent out one by one.

While some of the students receive guns and knives, many students acquire useless items like boomerangs, common dartboard darts and forks.

In some cases, instead of a weapon, the student receives a tool; Hiroki Sugimura in the manga and novel receives a radar that tracks nearby students, and Toshinori Oda receives a bulletproof vest.

» Danger Zones

Each Battle Royale student is issued with a map divided into a coded grid. Danger Zones are randomly chosen grid-sectors which are declared off-limits to students.

If a student enters a Danger Zone, or fails to leave in time, their collar will explode, killing the student. Once an area becomes a Danger Zone, it remains for the rest of the game. Consequently, the number of Danger Zones increases as the game progresses, forcing students to move around in an ever shrinking battlefield.

The school headquarters are declared a permanent Danger Zone. This makes it impossible for students to stop the game by attacking the headquarters.

» Announcements

Announcements are made three times a week to declare character deaths, changes in weather, danger zones and important things like that. In-game, this will take place morning, noon and night.

Monday -- 6:00AM
Wednesday 12:00PM
Saturday 12:00AM

» Posting


All posts will have this format:


And example of this:


It isn't really too important to know the EXACT time, but a ballpark idea is a good idea.

All the zones can be found on the map. The map is read like a battleship board.

» Days & Death

One day game-time is equal to one week real-time. The game has no time limit as long as one person dies everyday (everyday meaning once a week). The teacher explains, "If nobody dies, everyone dies by exploding collar."

Players whose characters are killed are not shoved out of the game. In fact, they are allowed to participate in the following ways:

1. Voting on the threads.
2. Backlogging with other players. Meaning that you can still roleplay with the other players but it must always take place before The Program. We strongly encourage this even if your character hasn't been killed!

» Diaries

Each character will be keeping a diary, which will be the use of your character journals. Please note that EACH JOURNAL ENTRY IS NOT VIEWABLE TO OTHER CHARACTERS. Players may discuss context, but characters may not. Unless they're traveling together and one happens to pick up their journal, or, if the character dies, and another character happens to come across it.

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