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1. There is no age limit to apply, as long as you're show that you're mature and capable. Though we will state now that we are not responsible for personal distaste that one may have with roleplaying  something like this with other age groups. Hey, we don't discriminate.
2. Be nice and respectful. If you have a complaint, take it to the complaint post. Meaning; no, we're not the type who likes wank-- OOC drama should not eat up threads but instead be done in a more private place(such as AIM or MSN instant messenger). We're hoping that people have enough dignity to resort to private contact instead of roleplaysecrets  or our posts. If you have any trouble with characterization issues Kari would be glad to talk to you about them; and you can reach her at code gayass on AIM. If not-- the complaint post is ALWAYS open.
3. Both OCs and fandom characters are allowed; do not form cliques. We did this to make mixing easier-- and trust me, we make it so OCs must be top of the notch to get in so we don't expect Sephiroth's half angel half rabbit sister to be lurking. We know.
4. No godmodding, got any questions on character deaths? Go here. Please ask permission  to playersbefore suddenly doing something drastic.
5. Read the FAQ before asking asking questions to see if your question has already been answered.
6. Every month there's an activity check. We'll try to contact you if you're inactive, and if we can't get a hold of you and you haven't told us you're on hiatus, your character will be caught in a Danger Zone and listed under deaths in the next announcement.
7. Put character's name in the tags of any of their posts; to make this easier we close new tags and will add your character to the master taglist and it should come up when you begin to type in the name. If your character hasn't been added yet please don't hesitate to contact one of the mods.
8. Knowledge of Battle Royale isn't necessary since we'll be explaining the basis of it anyway.
9. The character limit is currently 6. This is subject to change as the game goes on.
10. We have the right to reject any application at anytime, however, we will tell you the basis of our rejection and you are welcome to try again.
11. Also -- make sure to be literate. Literacy counts. game.

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